10 Fatal Failures To Avoid In A Small Garden

10 Fatal Failures To Avoid In A Small Garden

The decoration of the garden requires the same attention and the same cure usually directed at the interior. Because even in the open air it is crucial to be able to count on a comfortable, practical and charming place. Even when the size is reduced! But how to make the most of a small garden Let’s find out in this Book of Ideas together a practical mini guide dedicated to the 10 fatal mistakes to avoid if we want to make our little dehor cozy and comfortable.

No order in the layout of the plants

Having plants in the garden does not just mean taking care but also choosing the most suitable varieties and deciding on the arrangement solasbars. Because every plant has its own needs and different from others for example, if some grow well in the sun for others, it would be better to avoid direct light. Or, there are also some varieties that tend to absorb the nutrients of the surrounding environment, with the risk of plumping other plants. That is why the advice is to inform us before, perhaps requiring the advice of an expert gardener, able to assess the type of land available to us and to advise the most suitable type of green.

Do not have a covered area

If possible, best always foresee a covered area, to shelter ourselves from the sun and maybe even from the rain. In small gardens, as an alternative to traditional roof, we might consider the idea of ??installing an awning practical, compact and easily removable here are 30 examples from which we can take inspiration.

Do not expect comfortable sitting
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An uncomfortable sitting garden is likely to turn into a rather cramped space. Yet it does not work much just a few chairs, even folding, or a bench, to transform even the smallest space into a comfortable relaxing corner.

Excessive exposure to the sun

The sun always has its charm, but when the sun is scorching may risk becoming the least popular area of ??the house attrezziamolo with a pergola, an umbrella or a structure able to create shade.

The absence of style

A neglected garden will be less welcoming and therefore less lived. Decorate with style does not mean spending a fortune with a bit of imagination we can enjoy ourselves to pull each other original and colorful accessories, thereby creating an evocative one eclectic space.

Lack of accessories

There are details such as pillows, coffee table, light source or anti mosquito device to make the difference between a neat garden and a comfortable garden.

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