73 Sqm Perfect For A Young Couple

73 Sqm Perfect For A Young Couple

Today we present a work done by architect Vincenzo Caprino of FACILE RISTRUTTURARE. This is an apartment in Rome of 73 square meters for a young couple. The intervention first concerned the layout of the interiors, which were reorganized, creating a more suitable fit for the needs of the property and in line with current housing trends the corridor was abolished, in favor of the living area, which is now A fluid and airy space, where conviviality and communication are at the forefront. What is immediately noticeable and perhaps represents the distinctive feature of this residences is the atmosphere soft colors and chromatic color combinations create romantic spaces, even in their strong modernity. You immediately breathe a familiar and relaxing atmosphere!


The livingroom

The living area is an elegant modern space, where we also find elements typical of the industrial style and some vintage touches, but all mixed in the best way! What about, for example, the beautiful clock, over the couch O of suspended lights with geometric and essential lampshade – just a simple structure They are elements that give even more character to the room, compensating for the delicate colors.

The dining area

In the dining area you will find beautiful Scandinavian-style chairs, on Tiffany and Gray tones, combined with a very interesting design table a massive and strong structure and a transparent, very delicate glass top. On the floor there is a laminate effect of parquet – an excellent alternative to the actual parquet, if you want to have a satisfying yield and save some money – that goes well with the wall of the living room, coated to create the effect of painted bricks Of white.


The kitchen

The kitchen has a L-shaped layout, perfect for maximizing work space. The final part of the plan is given by the peninsula, which is also the place where you can have breakfast in comfort. Even here we find the beautiful suspended lights with the geometric shade, which create continuity with the rest of the living area. At a chromatic level, gray triumphs, with elegant vertical lines, giving a retro tone, and the celestial pens that introduce a nice variant. They could not miss the vintage white tile in white!


The bedroom is inspired by the nautical style, with beautiful blue and blue and red stripes on the fabric. The result is an environment that recalls the marine atmospheres, so very relaxing. The dominant white makes the room extremely bright and, in this regard, it is great to choose such light curtains.

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