Advantages and Disadvantages of Daihatsu Ayla Car

Indonesia car market is the target of the world’s car entrepreneurs. Because the new cars with prices below 100 million, began to mushroom in various media advertising anywhere. With a vigorous promotion of the community will certainly be interested especially with a fairly affordable price as the middle class and above. But behind the affordable price comes the question of the advantages and disadvantages of the car at an affordable price. One of them is Daihatsu which offers Daihastu Ayla car.

Excellence Daihatsu Ayla

1. Prices range from $ 70k to $ 10k

Production of cars made in Indonesia causes the price of Ayla daihatsu cars can be pressed until the price below $ 10k. This car is LCGC car that is Low Cost Green Car. Thus do not be surprised if the price offered more affordable for the people of Indonesia.

2. Save fuel

In the journey covered by a distance of 20 Km, Daihatsu Ayla car requires only 1 liter of gasoline. Thus your gasoline spending is more controllable.

3. Spacious room

In this car, can carry 5 people without having to jostle his seat. That’s because the space in the car was deliberately designed to feel comfortable when Daihatsu Ayla Car 2017

4. Baggage area

For those of you who travel always carry a lot of goods, this car can accommodate on the trunk is quite extensive.

Deficiency Daihatsu Ayla

1. Engine capacity

Daihatsu Ayla car has only 1000 cc of power so you have to be careful if driving in an uphill terrain especially with a car full of passengers.

2. Light weight car

The weight of the Daihatsu Ayla car is light enough that is 745 kg, thus you must avoid the speed is too high. That’s because with high-speed cars will be less stable and worried to lose balance.

3. Slow Acceleration

To spur Daihatsu Ayla at a speed of 100 km / h takes 15 seconds thus this car is not included as a car city car. This car only uses manual trans- mation that is 5 speed. In addition, some of the lowest types are not accompanied by Audio systems and power steering. Also read about: toyota fortuner 2017

Such is the review of the advantages and disadvantages Daihatsu Ayla car. In doing the selection of cars that you will buy, of course, you should pay attention to various aspects of the car. One of the most important is the guarantee of car security and of course life for the rider. In addition, the comfort of the car is also one of the things that must be considered. Also do not easily attracted to the cheap price offered, you also have to adjust to the quality of the car offered.

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