Benefits of Feeding Without Spoon

Did you know that the benefits of eating by hand are more important than eating with a spoon or fork? Here we will review the benefits of eating by hand (without a spoon) for health. Most Indonesians still eat using bare hands, although there are already cutlery such as spoons or forks. According to them, eating with hands is more enjoyable than using a spoon or fork. Especially when the meal with the regional kaherahan. Usually will follow the existing eating tradition, such as the tradition nyeruit in Lampung that requires eating by hand when the dish is available.

Eating involves all the human senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch) that can make eating activity more satisfying. Eating by hand will add tactile connections between food with your body, mind and soul so as to increase the pleasure of food.

In addition, eating by hand can also dilute the dining atmosphere because it is more populist. This is one of the reasons why many restaurants in Western countries are starting to promote eating by hand. Although some people consider eating with unhygienic hands and dirty things, the fact that eating by hand gives the impression of relaxation and pleasure in itself. In addition, eating by hand is also an activity recommended by Rasulullah SAW and has many benefits for health.Feeding Without Spoon

What Are the Benefits of Eating with Hands? Here are some of the benefits of eating by hand directly:

1. Making Eating Activities as Sensory Process Eating is a sensory activity that can arouse emotions and passion. From the point of view of meditation, each finger is representative of the five elements of meditation. In detail:

1. 195/5000 The thumb corresponds to an empty space.

2. The index finger relates to the air. Middle finger associated with fire.

3. The finger is related to water.

4. The little finger is related to the earth.

When we enjoy eating by hand, then the whole process will stimulate the five elements so that it can help energize the food to be eaten. It is important to keep all elements in balance and stay healthy. In addition, sense of touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste become more active. Stimulation of the five senses makes us more aware of the taste, texture and aroma of food.

2. As a Natural Sensor When we eat with a spoon or fork and put food directly into the mouth, then our subconscious can not feel the temperature or texture of food before. This is why we often end up gasping for food when it’s too hot. But it’s different when we eat by hand, the nerve endings in the fingers will feel the temperature of the food and effectively prevent us from burning the tongue because of heat. The nerve endings send signals to the brain about the food conditions we will eat. This triggers the release of digestive enzymes and the right substances to help us taste the food better.

3. Improving Digestive Performance There are “good” and “bad” bacteria in our palms and fingers. Good bacteria will protect us from harmful viruses and maintain good health of the mouth, throat, intestines and digestive system. But unfortunately, when we eat with spoons and forks, these bacteria will not get to the intestine. On the other hand, when we eat by hand, bacteria from the fingers move into the mouth and swallowed and walk to different parts of the body. This process helps improve digestion in the intestines and prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria in the gut. Not only that, when we touch the food by hand, a signal is sent to the mind to release digestive juices and enzymes. Depending on the type of food, the mind regulates that the metabolism works accordingly, which is needed for better digestion. A healthy digestive system is essential for the health of the body and mind.

4. Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk Using forks and spoons can make eating easier and faster. But do you know if this can also cause blood sugar imbalance in the body, which in turn leads to increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A 2012 study published by the European Society of Endocrinology reported that people who rush in chewing their food at risk 2.5 times more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes than those who eat more relaxed and spend enough time to chew their food. Well after we know that eating quickly can increase the risk of diabetes, it is time we started to switch to a more relaxed eating method by way of eating by hand. When eating by hand, we will usually put less food into the mouth. We will also eat more slowly than eating using cutlery. Eating slower also causes better digestion and prepares the stomach to know that we are full, thus making us eat less.

5. Eat More Focus Eating with cutlery is a kind of mechanical process, and we often do not pay much attention to what or how much we eat. In addition, many of us may eat while doing other things, like watching TV, playing phones or reading magazines. Many do not give full attention or focus on eating. This affects the food we eat, we will unconsciously eat more than we should. A 2008 study published in the British Medical Journal reported that eating to full and eating quickly increases a person’s risk of obesity. However, when we eat by hand, we will pay more attention to what we eat and we will be more aware of how much food is eaten. And of course it will be difficult to do other activities when our hands are busy eating instead. Food activity without regard to food is also suspected to be one cause of weight gain. Surely this will make it hard for you who are dieting and want to lose your weight.

6. More Hygienic Although there are certain people who think that eating by hand is a habit that is dirty and unhygienic, the reality is quite the opposite. People who are used to eating with their hands will always wash their hands before enjoying the food. Even directly we will more easily know the quality of our hand hygiene than eating utensils such as spoons and forks that we will use. Moreover, we do not know how the spoons are washed. In addition, we will pay more attention to hand hygiene by washing hands several times a day. This hand hygiene if practiced regularly will eradicate the bad bacteria in hand. But it’s different with spoons, forks and other equipment, which are often washed out quickly and not always cleaned thoroughly.

Additional Tips Here are additional tips for you so that the benefits of eating with the hands more felt, namely: Before and after meals, be sure to always wash hands thoroughly with handwashing soap. Cut a large meal as needed, so you can pick up the food easily with your hands. When eating by hand, avoid sitting bent. Try to sit upright, and do not let your elbows on the table. When eating by hand, take a portion to eat enough to avoid overpopulation. Thus the benefits of eating with the hands are not widely known. Hopefully readers can apply eating by hand in everyday life and begin to feel the benefits of eating with this hand and living healthier lives.

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