Best Smartband Samsung Gear Fit 2

Best Smartband Samsung Gear Fit 2

Samsung Gear Fit 2 is the most advanced smartband you can find at the software level, which is more like a smartphone and therefore you can integrate more with the smartphone. Specifically, it has a complete compatibility and even a lot of advanced compatibility with the green robotic operating system, but is less suitable for monaural phones with the iOS operating system. The Samsung Gear Fit 2 boasts a prominent construction with an aluminum front that makes it Durable and durable even in adverse situations. And there is no water resistance here because of the IP68 standard with which it can withstand prolonged diving.

The measurement is, among other things, very precise, unlike the economic models that often slip. In addition, the heart rate monitor can be monitored 24 hours a day in real time, and not just when you press the button near the device screen teknorus. Unfortunately, the screen is horizontally and not vertically as it is fashionable at the moment, and in addition it’s not as good as it might be, for example, that of a smartbit of the Fitbit. However, it is the fact that it consumes little battery and therefore allows to have a very satisfactory autonomy despite the presence of the GPS and the heartbeat detector.

You can exceed the duration week if you use this smartband every day. Another very satisfactory advantage of this smartband is the management of notifications that is complete, at last there are only supported calls, messages and few apps but there is a huge range of apps to set up, including those of messaging Snapshots like WhatsApp and the mails that are most important and would miss us if they were not there. This smartband is characterized by a very robust construction quality, its strap is solid and durable in time, so you will not have to change it even if you bully it enough product quality. Plus, on this smartband products, we find the full water resistance, thanks to which you can dip it as you swim up to a depth of 50 meters at its maximum, depth you will almost never get off unless with a diving suit. Unfortunately, however, there is no monitoring of swimming sports on this smartband, so it does not distinguish if you are swimming or if you are running in measurements, and has no dedicated features.

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