Gladiator Sandals The Coolest Trend of Summer 2014

Gladiator Sandals The Coolest Trend of Summer 2014

They come back to fashion every other year but this year our favorite designers literally took inspiration from the history of ancient Rome, offering a wide range of gladiator sandals strictly with heel, although there are no easy solutions in ultra-flat version. A small preview you find in our gallery.

Just as many have to have come from the past, alternately return to the slave’s sandals or gladiator-style fashion that you want from ancient Rome to international bridges  sevva, this summer is the sandal that climbs on the leg , But with a remarkable difference from previous years the heel this time is an indispensable must.

The beautiful season rewards classic gladiator sandals inspired by the footwear of the ancient Roman gladiators but with that glamor dose that transforms them into perfect footwear for every circumstance, but despite the success of the stiletto in recent months, the shoe heel to the slave of the Summer 2014 keeps it spacious and square, comfortable and comfortable.

There are many masterpieces to wear on the outside of our favorite designers, who have literally taken inspiration from ancient history by presenting the old gladiator footwear in revision and revised, and between ultra-flat models, sandals with the wedge and heels Very high is the embarrassment of choice. It goes from the great names of fashion, among which do not miss the creations of Giuseppe Zanotti, Tory Burch and Stuart Weitzaman, to the low cost solutions of the great fashion chains at low cost.Fleece jackets, silk and cotton coats, punched cardigans and lightweight flaps that protect your neck from air conditioning will complement your office summer look, without forgetting, of course, the matching bag that you created

But how do the new skate sandals match in summer 2014 Practically with everything but leaving a few centimeters between the shoe and the head that you want to match, then gladiator sandals with high waist if you want to wear a minidress or a skirt, a model attached to the ankle, but if for a special occasion You will wear a long dress.

And what better opportunity than the balances to buy a pair of sandals to the slave Online in great e-store shoes and on Amazon you can find many models at really affordable prices. Do you want a preview Take a look at our gallery.

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