Great Ideas for Small Living Room Apartment

Living room is a space that we use while welcoming the guests who come to our place. A living room should be beautiful and comfortable. Unfortunately, not all places specifically apartment has a large living room. You need some tips to make your small living room apartment become wider than before. First idea is a living room without bulkhead. It is good for a small living room in apartment. You can combine it with the other space like dining room without dividing walls.

Moreover, this idea will make the room wider because too many bulkheads will produce effect that your room looks narrow or small. The next idea is the arrangement of furniture. Pay attention when you arrange the furniture. It is really important. Remember to choose the small furniture if you have small living room apartment. Take advantage of the space in your room by placing the small furniture in the wall. For example, you might use a rack that can be patched in the wall or maybe you can put some small frame of photograph rather than a big one.

The last is about the choice of wallpaper. Besides doing those steps, to make your room wider and beautiful, you need to be careful in choosing wallpaper for interior space. You need to focus in choosing the best wallpaper because colors and motifs affect how your living room will look like. It is suggested that you choose the bright color because it looks brighter, wider, and cool. For the motif, you can choose striped (horizontal or vertical). Now, you already know about how to decorate small living room apartment. For you who have a small apartment and want to make it look wide, it is better to follow these steps. Do not be afraid to apply your own idea. Hopefully this article can give you the information you need, thanks

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