How to download YouTube videos Real Player

How To Download YouTube videos Real Player

Real Player is a service that is really one of the easiest to download videos from YouTube. It consists in installing a plugin in the browser that allows you to display a Download Video button near any video on the web. So it will not only work for YouTube, but for any page that will contain a multimedia movie in it. The most convenient feature is the immediacy of Real Player, which allows you to click the entire video to download. The video will be downloaded to its original format, then FLV if it’s YouTube, and you will need to convert it if you want to use it on devices other than the PC.

To use the plugin you will first need to download the software from the Real Player site by clicking on Download Free, then you will have to click on the software icon just finished download and start the installation by clicking Ok and Next on the windows that will appear jakartacopy. After installation, Real Player software will open, which will include a real browser with a plugin installed. This plugin will make the button appear to download YouTube videos close to each video, just click it to start downloading any movie.

To download with this software you must first go to the official aTube Catcher site and download it by clicking on the Free Download button. Once downloaded you have to go to the folder where it was saved and double-click on its icon. The installation that will be started by clicking first on Ok and then clicking on Next will start, as long as the procedure is not finished. When you finish installing, you will need to open the program by double-clicking its icon on the desktop or leaving the check on Start aTube Catcher in the final installation window. After that, there will be nothing more than clicking Download Video, enter the URL of the video taken from its web page in the text bar that will appear, and click Download.

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