How To Maintain The Beauty Of The Skin Of The Neck

May be eliminated by surgery or camouflaged with turtleneck collection, but you do not want to be the lost twin of Steve Jobs. The good news is there are several ways we can do from now, without the need to undergo a painful process, but the news “less good” is the key to the success of this treatment is consistency. The reason, skin cells have a cycle of growth and renewal, at least for four weeks. Some renewal cycles must be completed perfectly for maximum transformation. So do this routine every day:



No matter how busy you sempatkan to clean your face after all day activities, and do not forget to clean the area around the neck and chest. Or when bathing use a soap that is rich in amino acids to reduce inflammation and get rid of toxins from your skin.


Exfoliate two to three times a week for dead skin around the neck and chest exfoliated from the body. This is an important step in maintaining d├ęcolletage well. Also, it will prepare the skin to absorb the product very efficiently. Use products containing orange peel extract and vitamin E, which can eliminate the accumulation of dead skin cells, improve circulation, and will create a tight neck and chest area.


Do not forget to use the serum on the neck and chest. Use and massage in a circular motion from the middle of the chest towards the shoulder, then, from the base of the neck up to your chin. Serum is useful for repairing skin kerusakaan, and moisturize the skin.


The skin in the throat and d├ęcolletage is thinner than the face-and also has fewer oil glands-which means requiring richer products to retain youth. Plus, the area is exposed to UV as often as the face, but sometimes unprotected by SPF. The solution? Use a special cream for the neck area (not for the face). This is because the skin in this section is more sensitive, and often shows signs of degeneration, flushing, and pigmentation with ease. Try looking for creams that contain ingredients that stimulate collagen production, and at the same time protect the skin. These ingredients are retinol and tretinoin (both vitamin A derivatives) to stimulate the cholera; Vitamins C and E to protect the skin of the neck from free radicals; Hyaluronic acid to keep skin moist and prevent the appearance of “chicken neck”; Peptides which are proteins for skin growth and repair.


Ever heard of a tech neck? In essence, every time you look down to see your phone, we are accelerating the impact of gravity on the lower face, neck, and upper chest. This makes dermatologists argue that this habit causes the skin in these areas to rapidly relax. And try, who knows how many times we looked down and stared at the screen of the phone every day? Well, you could say more than a count of 10 fingers + toes.

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