How To Make Good Green Tea for Special Moment?

How To Make Good Green TeaEnjoying the special moment with green tea as the drinks will be very much perfect. But, there are many people wondering about How To Make Good Green Tea for special moment. With a perfect taste of green tea, you can spend a lot of time with the one you love such as family and friends. When one of them comes to visit, there is nothing wrong to show your hospitality by making the perfect green tea for them. Therefore, you need to know some steps to make the perfect green tea so that you can serve the best for them.

First, prepare some green tea bags that you love. You can choose some brands that already suit your taste. Do not forget to prepare basil leaves about 4 or 5 leaves. You can also boil some water to make the tea. For the better taste, please prepare some honey and lemon juice. It will help you to serve the best green tea drinks for your family and friends. Now, let’s go to the steps of How To Make Good Green Tea with special taste for special moments.

First, you can decide how much green tea you will use for the drinks. You can just make it as well as the numbers of people who will enjoy it. After that, please put the tea on the top of cup using a tea filter. The tea has been mixed with the dry basil leaves so you will do it at once. Please pour the hot water as it is sufficient to fill the cup. And then wait it until cool and do not forget to mix it with honey and lemonade. It will be the best green tea that you can make for others. So, it is easy to follow the steps of How To Make Good Green Tea.

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