Malaysia Airlines Agenda: Plans Fleet Upgrade and China Expansion

As a rising airline, Malaysia Airlines continues to boost a variety of agendas for the future.The agenda plan is based on several facts of the airline’s development. Based on the report, there is an increase of passengers by 12.9 percent from year to year. It shows that people are starting to have the confidence to fly with the Malaysian-based airline. It could be the feedback of the total service provided by the management including all the staffs of the airline.

The increasing number of passengers flying with Malaysia Airlines, it needs to be balanced with a special agenda for future progress. It is also to keep giving the cabin slots and service to the passengers.Therefore there is a big agenda planned by the airline ie plans fleet upgrade and china expansion.

Plans Fleet Upgrade

In 2018 and 2019, Malaysia Airlines is ready to deliver a number of wide body aircraft. This is done to meet the increased passenger and ticket sales in international scope. Even reportedly, the agenda has been detailed in the first quarter financial report of 2017 as what you can However it is unclear whether to make direct purchase or lease.

Fleet that needs to be replaced is the fleet of A330-300s whose capacity will be inadequate in 2019. Malaysia Airlines is currently discussing the plan with Airbus and Boeing. Reportedly, Malaysia Airline is ready to increase its fleet with the A350 and Boeing B737 Max 8. At least there are a total of six A350 new leased will be accepted some of them is at the end of 2017. Besides, the airline has a firm order for 25 B737 Max 8 aircraft planned to open to open international commercial routes.

China Expansion

Because it will be upgraded many fleet from starting this year, then Malaysia Airlines will also intensively open many new routes. One of the countries being targeted for the opening of most new routes is North Asia such as China.This year, the airline will open as many as 11 new routes to China.Previously already opened routes including services Wuhan, Fuzhou and Nanjing. In the future, Malaysia Airline will open additional new routes to Chengdu, Tianjin, Chongqing and others.

The opening of the new route is certainly due to consider various aspects such as potential passengers who will visit the country. China became one of the favorite destinations and predicted to continue to be in demand.Malaysia Airlines wants to continue to connect many areas of the world with the opening of new routes and new aircraft upgrade.

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