Small But Good 4 Houses In White Where The Few Square Meters Are Not A Limit

Small But Good 4 Houses In White Where The Few Square Meters Are Not A Limit

Small, all white, and eye-catching the protagonists of our review today are houses dream but possible, full of ideas and insights that can not help but piacervi..scopriamo together why!

Save-euro and beautiful a house that will steal your heart!

This delightful wooden house not only has an air wonderfully romantic but also a green soul it is a house that uses passive technology It was then manufactured taking into account the climatic conditions of the area, using the available resources and with minimal environmental impact.

In the picture we can see how the stay is completely white and the two large windows let in natural light with generosity. The fireplace also provides necessary heating the water and below the resin floor insulation system protects from moisture in winter. The design is modern, simple but effective, and as for the stay, the rest of the house leaves nothing to be desired (if you are curious to see the other rooms look here!)

The old stable that becomes a nest for young couple

Yes you read right, the jewel in the photo here was born from the renovation of an old barn. Space, rather small sizes, did not even have a real connection between the ground floor and barn on the upper floor, except for a hatch, from which you could only access when there were no animals, because they placed over the manger itself.

And upstairs, here’s little wonder shabby. Furniture and recycled materials were subjected to blasting and transformed into the elegant furnishings.

40 square meters in total white an ideal apartment

We are in the kitchen-dining area of a small renovated apartment. By handouts to the fixtures, the total white is the watchword here, and so, despite the fact that the room is developed mainly in length, as we see, it was possible to ensure the right space between the table, the chairs and the work plan the kitchen wall.

In the photo we see the so essential point of the project, the diagonal wall decorated with plaster frames that divides the apartment. Moving the sliding door reveals the fact the master bedroom behind the wall.

A shabby chic charm in just 35 square meters

We end the season with another small apartment from large resources. The living area really speaks for itself, leaving us breathless. The exposed bricks painted white and light wood floor favor the flow of light and space perception, giving us the impression that we are in a much larger space than it actually is.

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