The Continuous Cleaning Of The Bathroom

The Continuous Cleaning Of The Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom can be a task that takes away a lot of time, especially if you usually procrastinate this activity. But it often happens that we refuse to do general cleaning in the middle of the week and so we let these tasks occupy us on the weekend when we are a bit ‘more free. The secret, also in this case, lies in the continuity and frequency with which there is dedicated to the cleaning of the bath room. Acting little by little you will not have to do all the hard work in one go, wasting the entire Sunday to clean. Weekly cleaning is far more cursory and your weekend you can spend it at the park.

reduce the amount of mobile objects

Shoes, keys, cell phone, charger and other items of daily use when they are out of place create a chaos in the whole environment That’s why it is good to get rid of unnecessary things and reduce the amount of exposed objects. Much better place as it is in everyday use in a drawer, in a basket, or in a specific space that you have designed each room of the apartment. This will make it possible to maintain a neat appearance of the rooms and the same cleaning process and commissioning of space order will be easier.

Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today!

Never put off because chaos generates more chaos to consolidate a permanent disorder situation that will be very difficult to eradicate if not after many hours of boring work. To avoid having to destroy the most formidable disorder, you should immediately clean up and re-order as soon as you have completed a task. Storing books and magazines in place once finished reading, cleaned up the work table before you accatastino objects of objects, dishes washed immediately after eating your meal.


the basics (open the window and make the bed)

It does not take more one minute and its beneficial effects are undeniable. Open the window and let in fresh air and place the unmade bed are two simple and quick operation that will contribute to the order of your room in a heartbeat. If you manage to fight this infamous laziness of which we are very often victims as soon as we put our feet out of bed then you will begin the day with a different mental approach. In addition, open the window will help to fight off any odor and humidity inside the room.

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