The Entrance With A Wooden Floor

The Entrance With A Wooden Floor

wood in the hall you enter a garden consisting of low plants and trees, laid out on a bed of white gravel, which creates a sharp color contrast. Small stone sculptures alternate in the design of this small garden.

the symmetry

A garden in which the geometric symmetry inspired the composition. The two grass areas alternate on the sides, with the center of a composition formed of stones and a round vesselĀ  indolexa. The geometric shapes are placed in the canvas of white stones, framed in a simple and natural by different sized stones.

A special corner

A special corner obtained thanks to a stone fountain, the composition of which extends to the rest of the space through the composition of sinuous lines that pass through the base of amber hue crushed stone. This makes it possible to hold together the fountain and different plants, low and broad-leaf, that animate this garden.

A bench for outdoor

Plants surround the entire crawl space, where you put a bench romantically, place of rest and contemplation surrounded by greenery, with vases and punctuate the route, the system in combination with a brick floor.

Even with the vessels

Even choosing to form vases and different heights, playing with textures and colors, you can reanimate a corner of the garden. Choosing plants cha have different heights, creating combinations that harmonize the space.

A small bamboo garden

The little unused space under a window we see becomes an opportunity to create a micro-garden through a simple and intelligent use of bamboo, capable of giving life to a natural setting in which to place the colored notes of plants and flowers.

A round garden

A round garden, consisting of concentric rings of light stones enclosing plants of different heights and colors. a simple and elegant way to create a natural area around the house.

Small hanging flower beds and rich in style vessels

Small wall brick flower beds enliven the wall that closes a garden dotted with dark-toned vases, with smooth surfaces and different geometries. Flowers bring a lively note of contrasting color.

A modern garden, with stones that take center stage

A modern garden, organized according to a strict geometry, made of symmetries between the shapes of the vessels and the choice of plants. The wooden saucers define the space, hosting contrasting white vases. The white stones form the basis, harmonizing the strict geometries of this garden.

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