The Lineage Of Honda Hybrid Cars

You may already guess why Honda hybrid cars could preserve the top seat for decades. First, people love what the machine can do: the fuel saving technology. In addition, this addition doesn’t cut the power and signature style from Honda. With years of innovation, the hybrid car is getting better than the previous one.

2009 – Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid

The first Honda hybrid cars stroke the market with its updated technology. The machine was a combination of 140 and 197 horsepower. For daily use, people usually went under 30 miles, which means the machine would take less than one gallon of fuel.

The interior of these Honda hybrid cars are spacious and comfortable. The driver would have a comfort grip and also access for USB and blue tooth music player.

2012 – Honda Insight

As the competition has become fiercer, Honda hybrid cars comes back with new irresistible features. It was sold with lower prices compared to the first seat of hybrid cars at that moment. The exterior had become more stylish and the interior had been upgraded into futuristic theme. You might go crazy with the increasing efficiency.

Honda has this Eco Assist System which told you how eco-friendly you were riding. The navigation system in these Honda hybrid cars was paired with rear view camera. As for the entertainment, Honda replaced the CD player with a plug for 16GB USB.

2013 – Honda CR Z

Another legend of Honda hybrid cars you don’t want to miss is Honda CR Z. This was the first hybrid car from Honda that adopted sporty look. The battery was changed into newest Lithium and the rear gets a new diffuser. You could boost the speed up to five seconds with the Plus Sport System.

2015 – Honda Fit

What makes this Honda hybrid cars stood out were its mpg, utility and price. You could say that Honda had found a way to maximize the use of space on this car. The infused technology was called “Earth Dream”, as you only spent one and half liter for four miles. The interior was bigger than the previous series, but still comfortable for the passengers.

2017 – Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord Hybrid 2017

Honda Accord Hybrid 2017

Being in the top throne for years, Honda hybrid cars face a lot of challengers. To secure its place, accord hybrid made a few changes to its last product. Sitting on the driver seat, the new design could balance the bump and the control. Even when passing curvy turn, you and the passengers would barely move from the seat since the bolstering holds you well.

For this newest model, the Honda hybrid cars are equipped with two motors. The traction motor gets 181 horsepower and generator hold 142 horsepower. The car also installed one point three Kwh Lithium-ion battery. When the battery was running out, the engine would starts up.

By having several energy pockets, hybrid cars offer longer mileage per liter. This technology then paired with stylish frame and packed in a small car. Starting from civic series, Honda continues to develop its product and display sporty cars. As the result, thousands units of Honda hybrid cars each time the new series is released to the market.

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