The Series of Jeep Engines

As one of the impacts after World War II, jeep engines offered people durable vehicles back at that time. Also known as Jeep Wrangler, this kind of vehicle was once used for a military purpose during World War II as its big and strong characteristic. After some decades, people started using jeep as their private or family vehicle.

Here are The Series of Jeep Engines

Jeep CJ-7

The first generation of jeep engines after the World War II is CJ-7 which was officially published in February 1986 at the Chicago Auto Show that based on some new set of design parameters. Continued to use a separated body and frame, this product has a little bit different philosophy from the vehicles that were used in World War II. Using rigid solid axles both rear and front and a fold-flat windshield, this kind of jeep engines can be driven without any doors. However, its suspension, interior and the drive train were borrowed from other model of engine at that time.

Jeep YJ

This kind of jeep engines was produced as a potential replacement of CJ7 with commencing engineering and design work. After some approvals back in 1983, the original design of Jeep YJ was actually occurred earlier at that year, with CJ-7 mules as the base of the production. The very first production and the test for prototypes itself was done during the spring 1984. The first Jeep YJ was built and sold in Brampton, Ontario, Canada as the Wrangler product in United States, replacing the Jeep CJ-7 in 1986.

Jeep Engine Wrangler YJ

Jeep Engine Wrangler YJ

Jeep TJ

The next kind of jeep engines after is Jeep TJ that was all prepared from 1990 as a successor to the YJ. The mules that were used inside the TJ were actually based on YJ, which were started to e built from 1900 to 1993 when a formal approval was given for the development program of TJ that with $260 million budget. The first TJ product was unveiled on 2 January 1996 when Detroit Auto Show was held, as the first introduction of this product was actually held on early 1997 since the previous product in the show require some evolutionary updates. Then after 6 years of overall investment and 36 months production, the official product was finally being released.

2003 Jeep Wrangler TJ

2003 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Jeep JK

In early 2001, the successor of Jeep TJ was already planned and it was called JK Program. The whole design was actually finished in 2001, but the product took more time before being released due to some needed improvement. It took for about 3 years to finish the product when finally it was finished in 2004. That was the first trial of the launching, which unfortunate didn’t work really well because the engine was not as the Jeep lovers expected. Then finally in 2007, the Jeep JK products were successfully released and are still in the market until now.

With its history during World War II, it’s not a big surprise if many people like to have and drive a jeep. Besides its big, huge and historical style, jeep engines also offer you strong and powerful acceleration.

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