The Talented Hand behind Sue Wong Dresses

Sue Wong is the woman with talented hand behind great collections of Sue Wong dresses. She is a Chinese-born American fashion designer famous for her dress designs in a contemporary twist based on old Hollywood glamour style.

Sue Wong dresses have been renowned for her interpretations of romantic ears couture dressmaking traditions such as Weimar Berlin, 1930s Shanghai, pre-code Hollywood, and the gilded Jazz Age of Manhattan.

Her collections, Sue Wong dresses, are considered a tempting brand of style born from merging echoes of those period styles with present-day styling and cuts. Each and every lavish design has inherent sense of romance.

True sense of glamour and deeply instilled femininity can be felt from the delight design of Sue Wong dresses.

Sue Wong long inspirations are old movies and the glamour life of early Hollywood. She said that she loves the 1920s and 30s fashion era – satin and furs, and couture-quality gowns which fit perfectly worn by stars like Jean Harlow and Greta Garbo.

Since her early ages, Sue Wong had made her own cloths. Her first-made blouse was when she was nine years old. During her junior high school years, she persisted on designing and sewing herself a new dress for each weekly dance of the school year. Also, she designed her own prom dress which were embellished with beads handsewn into the bodice.

In 1960s and 70s, she became an intern at a popular fashion-design label, Arpeja. After couple of times of failures in establishing her own boutique, finally in 1984, she succeeded in making her own clothing line and making a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Sue Wong Nocturne, an evening wear line which came perfectly in time for the millennium, was born. Sue Wong dresses also become favorite choices of many famous celebrities like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Kelly Osborne, and many other superstars.

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