Tommy Hilfiger, Versace Versus, Custo Barcelona s s 2015 All Rock

Tommy Hilfiger, Versace Versus, Custo Barcelona s s 2015 All Rock

Jackets, pants, skirts … it is the rock to mark the leitmotive collections Spring Summer 2015 presented in New York by Versus by Versace Tommy Hilfiger passing by Custo Barcelona, ??the theme is always the same a spirited woman who plows the catwalk with dresses, jackets and skirts from rock flavor and sexy.
Laura Asnaghi of Republic clearly describes the rock temptations next spring

Glamorous dresses for sexy women, who have a taste for provocation and love rock. Incedono with grit and glamor models parading Versus, the Versace brand, in the great revival thanks to Anthony Vaccarello, the young designer chosen by Donatella to give polish to this line that gives women a strong image and sexy. Vaccarello, born in Belgium to Sicilian parents, has always been a fan of Versace and for him to create the new Versus collection was a great challenge. Which has passed brilliantly, with outfits by strategic cuts underlined by piercing and golden buttons with a lion’s head. His favorite color is black, which enhances the mini dresses, tunics like a goddess, worn with stiletto heels, Bermuda shorts and evening jackets worn on bare skin. Collection in a single release, with Greek columns, in black and white, also used for Versus Man shirts. For the debut of Vaccarello big party after the show with the concert of St. Vincent, a rock bomb. And sales take off in full on online collection night. The Internet has revolutionized the world – explains Donatella Versace – and you can not wait six months to have a dress

Not only Versace, although a bit ‘on the way out. Even Tommy Hilfiger is allowed to rock this year and for the occasion is inspired by the great music of the ’60s and’ 70s

As the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, David Bowie and Janis Joplin. Hilfiger has always united fashion and music, and yesterday, the Armory, has created a spectacular set design, inspired by the cover of Sergeant Pepper’s disc with flowers, a real lawn and a stage lit by stars. The clothes are a modern, charming remake of jackets, fur, mini skirts and boots used on stage by rock stars. On the catwalk Georgia May, daughter of Mick Jagger, Ella, the great-grandson of Keith Richards. In the front row, Such, daughter of Annie Lennox, Amber, scion of the Bon house. On stage performing Tara, the son of Brian Ferry and Steve Hash, the boyfriend of Hally Hilfiger

It not least is Custo Barcelona that rock music is in his blood ever since. Laura writes Asnaghi

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