Use This Natural Way to Cure Pimple on Earlobe

Usually facial acne is very disturbing our appearance. How not, one of the facial diseases that are often experienced by men and women is considered a disturbing ‘monster’.

Because of acne, we often experience a sense of confidence that decreases in the course of activities that involve meeting with others. But do not worry, here’s how to get rid of acne naturally and minimize the scars.


1. Using Ice Stone

Ice stones play a role to improve blood circulation in the area around the acne as well as help shrink the pores on the skin, kill acne-causing bacteria, remove dirt on the skin, and remove excess oil that accumulates on the skin. The trick is to prepare ice cubes to taste, wrap the ice cubes with a clean cloth and paste on the facial area acne evenly, repeat continues about 10-15 times and do it regularly until the acne really went away from your face.

2. Using Lemon Fruit

One of the fruits that contain very high vitamin C is lemon. This fruit is very good if used to treat acne, because it can shrink acne quickly. But for you who have sensitive skin, can be reduced. The trick is to 1-2 pieces of fresh lemon squeezed and put perasannya in the container, then rubbed on the face of acne on a regular basis every night before bed.

3. Using Garlic

Garlic commonly used as a spice kitchen proved to have a nutritious content for a variety of complaints, in it contained antifungals, antiseptics, antioxidants, and antiviral that is very beneficial to face acne. Garlic also contains sulfur which can accelerate the healing process of acne. It’s very easy, cut one garlic into two parts, and the inside of the piece is rubbed on the pimple skin about 5-10 minutes, then wash with clean water, do it regularly and see the results.

4. Using Honey

Undoubtedly, honey does have many benefits and health benefits for the body. Honey also contains very high antibiotics. Honey can prevent the spread of infections that result in inflamed acne. The trick is to prepare a honey is really natural instead of the manufacturer, then apply on acne and let stand about 30 minutes, then clean with clean water, and do this regularly. Read more on

5. Using Tomato Fruit

Tomatoes are a fruit that is also rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. These high vitamin content makes tomatoes very good to be used as a natural remedy to get rid of acne. The trick is to prepare a tomato that has been cooked, cut into a thin size, then paste on the acne area and let stand for about 15 minutes, do it regularly and your face free from acne.

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