Varied Types of Honda S2000 Engine

Undoubtedly, Honda s2000 engine is one of the engines that people are looking for these days. Beside its durability, this kind of engine also offers you comfort as you will see less tremble while you riding on it. Compared with other type of Honda engine, this s2000 one can be categorized is the best one.

Here are some types of s2000 engine

  1. AP1

The first Honda s2000 engine that is produced is AP1, also well known as the first generation of s2000 engine. After firstly introduced in 1999, this AP1 only produced one type of car that was produced until 2003. All of the AP1 one products used 2 doors only to support its practicality concept.

Type V

This is only type that was produced under AP1 production in the first generation of Honda s2000 engine. Starting its production in the middle of 2000, this Japanese domestic product included variable gear ratio steering (VGS). That was why it was easy to drive it because the system continuously changed the steering ratio based on the speed of the vehicle and its steering angle in providing improved handling.

  1. AP2

The second generation of Honda s2000 engine was finally produced in 2004 with the AP2 name. Unlike the previous generation, this time Honda was able to market this product not only in Japan, but also in US, UK and Europe. There were some types of car that were produced in the second generation.

Club Racer

The first type that was produced was Club Racer, back in 2007. It was the first product of Honda s2000 engine that was released and introduced outside Japan, particularly in US. In this type, Honda offered more oriented track version of s2000 in addition to the base model, distinguished by reducing its weight, made fewer amenities and increased the performance.

Types S

One year after the Club Racer, Honda produced another type of Honda s2000 engine and named it as Type S. the changes were similar to the CR edition with the weight loss, providing higher down force in order to build the body kit, and bespoke the wheels and interior. However, this Type S was only released and introduced in Japan, despite its better handling than the CR edition.


This product was released and introduced in UK in the middle of 2009. The main feature of GT was its removable hard-top and the outside temperature gauge. This type of Honda s2000 engine was priced around £27,300 to £27,850 respectively at that time.

Ultimate Edition and GT Edition 100

At the end the s2000 engine production, Honda launched Ultimate Edition and GT Edition 100 at the end of 2009. Although those products were their last one, both the Ultimate and GT 100 edition were limited in UK and Europe market, which were the only available market for this edition.

Back at the time, s2000 engine of Honda was undoubtedly one of the best engines that Honda has ever had. With many types of variation, Honda s2000 engine offers people the new level of driving vehicles.

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