Wine Cellars For Wine, From The Most Traditional To The Most Innovative

Wine Cellars For Wine, From The Most Traditional To The Most Innovative

Wine cellars for wine, from the simplest solutions and classical to the most modern technology, here’s how to keep your wine collections at home.

Those who love quality wine knows how important the perfect conservation of each bottle to prevent light and exposure to high temperature could compromise the flavor. Who has the opportunity to hold a wet bar in the house you can not even have an area for wines, essential if you love to eat well and offer excellent dinners alike. When space is not much you can always add a wine cellar for wine, so keep on hand a bottle to be uncorked.

The most traditional wine cellars are certainly the most simple to expose: they are usually of wood, triangular in shape but also rectangular, concave feature of the shelves on which rest the bottles, which will be slightly inclined. This is certainly the most economical and practical, especially if you do not have a lot of bottles to be preserved. This wine cellar is located away from the windows and heat sources (radiators, oven, etc.), a corner shaded and cool. Today there are wine cellars simple but more modern materials, such as aluminum and plastic, to meet the most modern furniture and minimal.

If, on the contrary, the bottles are many or however very precious, it is better to buy a cellar wine chilled; in this case, you can set the temperature of your wine and you can be sure that will never undergo thermal changes, which will allow you to maintain taste and texture unchanged over time. The refrigerated wine cellar can be placed anywhere because the bottles are protected and, depending on your decor, you can choose a refrigerated wine cellar with a modern design, with steel details visible, or those placed inside wooden furniture, to be included in decor more classico.Ad example, you can make a swing garden simply using ropes and tires of the car, but you can also give new life to car tires and turn them into games really divertenti.Sfogliate whole gallery of images to find out all ideas to use old tires!

Imagine a house like a forest, enveloping, dense and majestic; add sofas and soft tricot, wood and decorative vintage and chic mininal, ceramic copyright and some touch of light and color on the walls: voila. The house for the fall-winter 2015-2016 will be well: warm, enveloping and terribly bio-style.

The colors are those of autumn, but with several innovative trends as in the case of geometric prints on furnishing, pillows and upholstery. In the kitchen so the tartan, but in the colors of nude, beige and cocoa as those of Blan Mariclò and Dialma Brown.

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